Friday, October 28, 2016

Bugs and Hisses

This year's Halloween quilt is "Bugs and Hisses" by Sandy Fitzpatrick. 22" x 37"

This spider is really cute and I love how the eyes have dots in them from the background!

Fun colored thread adds interest.

Witchy fingers.

Getting my high heels ready for Halloween.

This is the pattern by Sandy Fitzpatrick.

Before quilting I needed to CLEAN my machine. Look at the lint!!

All better. Plus a fresh needle.

The back of this quilt has bugs on it too.

I thought I'd experiment with circular quilting on this one and radiate from the cute spider.

I got the idea for circular quilting from Crazy Mom Quilts. Amanda Jean Nyberg made a gorgeous  "Scrap Vortex" quilt and did spiral quilting on it. Read the post about her Scrap Vortex here. My small wall hanging was much easier to spin around than a large quilt. I don't know how she managed it!
I like to sew the binding to the BACK of my quilts first.

Then flip it toward the front.

And sew it down with a decorative stitch!

Sasha and Loralai are happy that I'm finished.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was predicted to graze NC then curl back around toward Miami.

But Saturday morning it was POURING and this is what my radar showed!

I sewed a large pile of strips to make 4-Patch blocks while watching the rain come down and the ponds fill up. It poured heavily for a solid 12 hours.

The pond on the right flowed over it's banks into the lower left pond.

This photo is taken from the top of the hill looking down toward our condo. There is not usually a little river going across the golf course here!

Once the rain was about done we ventured out to inspect the damage.

The pond is still flowing across the cart path!

There should be zero water in this photo. But the ponds were connected by the flooding water.

The marker for hole #12 and the little trash can next to it are now in the pond! That's where we usually feed the turtles and they crawl UP out of the pond to get the food. I wonder where they were hiding during the storm.

Trees down across from us. This is where the extra river ran through all day and loosened tree roots.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny outside but we had no power inside.

I sat by the window and trimmed all the strips I had sewn during the storm and stacked them ready to sew into 4-Patches once the power returned.

This is a new golf hazard. It's a sand trap pond!

How can you have "cart path only" golf when there are trees on the path?

It's amazing how much water was pushed through these ponds yesterday! The drainage system they have in place worked really well for it to be back to normal in 12 hours.
Rambo and Sasha did NOT like the storm.
All back to normal. Our power returned Monday morning. (Out 40 hours.)

Gorgeous morning walk by the serene pond. 
The Pinehurst golf course crews have been really busy cleaning up the downed trees. They do an amazing job.