Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Quiltville Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Each year the Friday after Thanksgiving begins the newest Quiltville mystery quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter. She gives us a new clue each Friday. This year I have changed dramatically from her colors to Mardi Gras colors and black for my neutrals.
Bonnie's colors are Green, Blue Red, Orange and whites for neutrals.

This is my visual cheat sheet. When Bonnie calls for white and red units, I make them black and purple. This chart kept me from getting confused.

Clue #1 looks like this.

Clue #2 looks like this.

Clue #3 looks like this.

Clue #4 looks like this.

This is an example of how my units will play together in a quilt.

Clue #5 looks like this.

Clue #6 looks like this.

I laid these units out pretty quickly just to get  an idea of the color play. I really hope Bonnie makes the outer blocks into a ribbon border like I did here. There are exactly enough blocks to do the outer border on a 72" x 72" quilt. 

Clue #7 looks like this.

This is the finished quilt pattern in her colors.

This is on the design wall to see what mine will look like.

Done with these blocks.

Done with these too.

Good Fortune hanging next to Celtic Solstice--the first mystery quilt I made.

This quilt will be given to my daughter, Lynn, who is having her bachelorette party in New Orleans later this month. It is her Good Fortune that I used Mardi Gras colors. It's not a traditional wedding quilt but I think it suits her. 
Thanks, Bonnie Hunter, for another fun mystery quilt. I've been participating in the mystery fun since Celtic Solstice. So Much Fun!!!

Sasha says, "Time to walk?"


I love the black with purple dots!



  1. Beautiful! I love how your colours have come together! Changing the colours round is a gamble, and doesn't always pay off, but this is just stunning. Lucky daughter!

  2. Excellent job on your Mardi Gras Good Fortune! Just curious, whatever happened to your Guilford County blocks? Sandy at

    1. All of the Bonnie Hunter blocks I was making are still in a box waiting for quilt fulfillment. Don't know when I'll get around to playing with them.

  3. Love your colour choice and how it all turned out in the end :)

  4. Very striking quilt! Nice color combo.

  5. Wow! Really love your colors. One lucky daughter.

  6. Thank you for your organized post! I love how you've shown each step, and also some playing on the design wall before the final reveal. The colors are delightful!

  7. The final outcome is great!! It's fun to see when people change the colors.

  8. It's fabulous! I know your daughter will love it!

  9. Only one word for this - awesome!

  10. It's gorgeous! And thank you for the step by steps - it's hard to visualize the parts with the colors changed. Your bright happy colors make for a fantastic quilt! Lucky daughter!!

  11. Beautiful colors! Your daughter must be thrilled.

  12. Well done! I love your colour combos and I hope your daughter does too.

  13. Beautiful result! Quilts with black instead of the neutrals always seem to glow. Best wishes to your daughter!