Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Among Friends @ Spool Girls" Finished

 "Among Friends" was started back in June of 2016 with my quilt bee Spool Girls.  Post about it is here. The pattern is simple friendship stars but in my opinion way too many triangles!! I really don't know how I got talked into doing this quilt. I ended up making 300 star blocks that are 3" finished. 
 (I could have sworn that I had made more stars than that!)

The quilt measured 46" x 60" before washing.  (43.5 x 58 after washing.)

I HATED all these seams! Pressing them open to reduce the bulk was a PAIN.

I machine quilted it through the light background areas.

The center of this star has 2 dogs. (They look like Loralai and Sasha!)

Here is a girl with a cup of coffee.

And my favorite gecko!

Another gecko!

My lovely label was inked by Sandra Chin, one of the Spool Girls.

The backing is a Judy Rothermel print from the "Macie's Journal" line that I found at Zooks in Intercourse, PA. I liked it because it looks more like a 30's print than Civil War but technically it was released with the Civil War line so this is my one and only quilt made nearly exclusively with Civil War fabrics.

I finished assembling the stars into blocks while on vacation in NC. And then I came home and was cleaning up my sewing room and.....

GASP look what I found TODAY!!! Star blocks that were hidden in this basket!!

Now I have 93 loose star blocks and my quilt is already FINISHED. Boo.
 Oh well, these will be used in something fun for sure!