Friday, August 11, 2017

Indoor Snowball Fight In August

August is a nice hot time of year (in Maryland) to make snowballs and be thinking cool thoughts. So another Indoor Snowball Fight is born.
This bag is red, white and blue because it was made for my neighbor and her marine husband. They now live in San Diego, CA so they will be seeing VERY little snow!!

Snowballs are made out of 2 layers of white flannel.

I sewed around the outside edge but left a small hole to turn right side out and stuff them.

The bag was very quick to piece and quilt and the snowballs were equally quick to make.

Once the balls were stuffed I added eyes, mouth and noses with permanent marker.

Snowballs wait happily inside the bag.

A simple label...and...
Finished. A happy snowball fight just waiting to happen! Enjoy!!