Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Word Quilt for 2016: "Re-Home"

"Re-Home" is 10 1/2" x 27".
This is my 2016 word. It means I need to clean out my house and re-home a bunch of my stuff.
After living in the same house for 32 years and having 4 kids grow up here, we have too much stuff left behind. Time to move it out!!!
This was fun to piece and I started with a huge rectangle of "snow fabric" under the R to represent the Blizzard of 2016 storm named "Jonas" that dumped about 26" on us.

See the words "100% Happy"?
And a palm tree, of course!

The O block was found in my scrap bin so it is now re-homed!

I always add people to my fun quilts. The Whos are merrily singing.

I machine quilted this mini from the back side following the fabric pattern.

My sewing machine sits in front of the window so I can watch weather and critters.

Now this quilt has found a home over my sewing window.
(Excuse the chandelier. My sewing studio used to be a dining room...years ago!!) 
Who needs a dining room anyway?
Our road has been plowed. Would anyone like to help shovel the driveway?
This could take weeks...but the weather is going to warm up and melt a bunch of it...

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Allietare vs Monster Blizzard "Jonas"

The Washington DC Metro area is expecting a HUGE BLIZZARD.
I think the latest snow expected at our house is 20" - 30".
The biggest one storm total in history here is 28"!!

The weathermen are confident!

"Crippling" travel conditions on Saturday.

So.. I'm going to sew my Allietare mystery quilt blocks together while we still have power.

See the little RED DOT in the center of MD? That's me.

Corners and borders next...... 
We DO still have power so I'm working hard.

At 10:00am on Saturday we had almost 22".
My 24" ruler IS going to get covered so I put the yard stick in the snow too.
Of course there is blowing snow too so who knows what the exact total is.

Done! 82" x 96"!

Great colors for the Allietare Mystery quilt.

My yellow centered stars are positively GLOWING!

Sasha HATES this snow.

As of 3:00 Saturday we are up to 26" and another 8" is expected.....
But I finished the quilt top and we haven't lost power yet. Yay!
Stay warm under a quilt.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Clue 6: 50 blocks made

The final clue to the 2016 Allietare Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter was posted New Year's Eve. This clue shows the final quilt and what the blocks look like. My guess from last week was spot on! My only problem is that when I laid the block pieces on my DARK rug I liked the stars with the dark center better than the yellow center that Bonnie chose for the pattern.
This is the lovely dark center.

These yellow centers are ok but.....

See my 50 blocks all done?
My final quilt will have 8 yellow centered blocks and 22 black centered blocks.
There are 20 alternate blocks finished also.
Sasha now wants to go for a walk!

So this was the GUESS layout missing the center of the blocks.
(The rug is really dark green.)

This is about what all yellow centers would look like.

This has a mixture of both black and yellow.
The yellow chain is still visible linking the black stars so I made lots of black stars.
Stay tuned for my final reveal. I'll work on the rest once I get back home.