Saturday, January 23, 2016

Allietare vs Monster Blizzard "Jonas"

The Washington DC Metro area is expecting a HUGE BLIZZARD.
I think the latest snow expected at our house is 20" - 30".
The biggest one storm total in history here is 28"!!

The weathermen are confident!

"Crippling" travel conditions on Saturday.

So.. I'm going to sew my Allietare mystery quilt blocks together while we still have power.

See the little RED DOT in the center of MD? That's me.

Corners and borders next...... 
We DO still have power so I'm working hard.

At 10:00am on Saturday we had almost 22".
My 24" ruler IS going to get covered so I put the yard stick in the snow too.
Of course there is blowing snow too so who knows what the exact total is.

Done! 82" x 96"!

Great colors for the Allietare Mystery quilt.

My yellow centered stars are positively GLOWING!

Sasha HATES this snow.

As of 3:00 Saturday we are up to 26" and another 8" is expected.....
But I finished the quilt top and we haven't lost power yet. Yay!
Stay warm under a quilt.

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  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous quilt! Happy blizzard? or hope you stay warm and powered!

  2. Beautiful job & that snow is amazing!

  3. On the positive side - if you didn't have all that snow then your beautiful quilt wouldn't be finished, right? Well done and I'm glad you didn't lose your power supply :)

  4. What a beautiful quilt! Your color choices are fabulous!

  5. Congrat! on completing your Allietare quilt top. You made PERFECT use of your Snow Day!!!

  6. Your Allietare looks wonderful! You can keep the snow, though.