Friday, June 26, 2015

Bridal Shower Gifts for Katie

This is a pieced, quilted ornament keepsake for Katie & Earl.

It was easy to piece.
Fussy cut the letters and curves.

Sew vertical seams.

Sew horizontal seams.

These are all fabrics from The Love Project quilt.

The back has University of Maryland fabric.
That is where they met and fell in love.
This is "The Love Project" quilt.
The design is a cross stitch pattern by the Tiny Modernist.
It was a free pattern posted on the Tiny Modernist Facebook page 2-14-15.

I made the quilt into a puzzle with all these things hidden in the quilt.
Welcome to the family, Katie!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Tuffet Is Born

I've been wanting to make a tuffet for awhile now and was convinced by my dad to just jump right in and try it. Thanks Dad. Learning experience. I CAN make a tuffet! This one was fairly easy because I  used only ONE fabric. This is a Happy Birthday Tuffet for my mom. This is the fabric in her sunroom. She mailed the extra fabric to me and here it is.
The Happy Birthday Tuffet, 2015.

I ordered the pattern and tuffet kit from the Tuffet Source.

I ironed the pattern directly onto the sunroom fabric.

Cut on the lines.

Sewed on the sewing lines.

Gathering cord.

It's taking shape now!


I added an extra bit of padding to the bottom. Fusible fleece.

And I added a label because mom likes it that way.

In lieu of T-pins I used barbecue skewers!

Feet screw in.


Now I'm going to plan my multi colored tuffet. It will be more challenging to piece but I already know I can build a tuffet. The directions were VERY clear. I did this tuffet without a class. So if you have been thinking about tuffets but don't have a quilt shop giving classes, don't worry, just order the kit WITH the pattern and follow the steps. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you!
(Thanks, Dad for the encouragement!)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Blocks for 2015 License Plate Quilt

Continuing my 2015 License Plate Quilt. I'm trying to collect one fabric plate from each state and province that is participating in the 2015 Row by Row Experience. I've ordered these plates online or over the phone. As they trickle in I add selvages and pair them up with some of my fun fussy cut blocks. These pieced blocks are 12 1/2 x 16.

Arkansas and Colorado.
The bunnies are ready to HOP ON OVER!
And the monkey is swinging HIGH.

Minnesota and Arizona.
The policeman is sending some strippers to jail...?
Or was it snakes in the desert? We saw snakes in Arizona crossing the road.

Louisiana and Georgia.
Love the crawfish! Had to put the pirate here, he may be looking for crayfish.
And this lovely lady looks like a southern belle. Sweet tea anyone?

Illinois and Maine.
Snoopy is dancing with Christmas Joy being near Santa.

Alberta and Alaska.
I found lots of stripes to add to the zebra block and lots of bubble circles for the fish.

Mississippi and Missouri.
I put my pirate treasure chest next to the anchor of MS.
And for the camper of MO I put a house because I prefer to sleep in a cabin. :)

Oklahoma and Washington.
My sister, Ellen, likes elephants thus the elephant next to an Ellen shop.
And Snoopy is so cool he would say #PIECEOUT.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Teacher Gift

This little ornament is for my favorite kindergarten teacher whom I volunteer for. She is very organized and energetic. She works very hard and all her "kids" are super lucky to have her as a teacher. She is generous, nice, compassionate, fun, beautiful, etc!!!
Sandy liked the mother's day ornament for my mom so I started with the same center....

And I used the same fabric on the back because she sometimes has her kindergarten class make thumb print animals like these cats. Creative and fun!

Sasha loves cats...(chasing cats)!

Sandy, you are an awesome teacher!!
 Thanks for always having clear instructions on the things for me to do. 
Your children are so fortunate to have you.