Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Tuffet Is Born

I've been wanting to make a tuffet for awhile now and was convinced by my dad to just jump right in and try it. Thanks Dad. Learning experience. I CAN make a tuffet! This one was fairly easy because I  used only ONE fabric. This is a Happy Birthday Tuffet for my mom. This is the fabric in her sunroom. She mailed the extra fabric to me and here it is.
The Happy Birthday Tuffet, 2015.

I ordered the pattern and tuffet kit from the Tuffet Source.

I ironed the pattern directly onto the sunroom fabric.

Cut on the lines.

Sewed on the sewing lines.

Gathering cord.

It's taking shape now!


I added an extra bit of padding to the bottom. Fusible fleece.

And I added a label because mom likes it that way.

In lieu of T-pins I used barbecue skewers!

Feet screw in.


Now I'm going to plan my multi colored tuffet. It will be more challenging to piece but I already know I can build a tuffet. The directions were VERY clear. I did this tuffet without a class. So if you have been thinking about tuffets but don't have a quilt shop giving classes, don't worry, just order the kit WITH the pattern and follow the steps. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you!
(Thanks, Dad for the encouragement!)


  1. Well done and Happy Birthday to you Mum :)

  2. I have never heard of a tuffet before, but then I guess I should have, considering the "little Miss Muffit" nursery rhyme. It is very cute, and I am sure your mother will love it.