Friday, March 28, 2014

Quilt Challenge

This is a block called Scrap Crystals that I made after seeing it on Bonnie Hunter's blog
There are 62 free block patterns on her blog. The challenge I propose is to make one of every block and then put them together into a sampler quilt or ....a bathrobe!

I've collected a bunch of fabrics to get started with....

Below is the bathrobe I made (long ago!) from orphan blocks, UFO projects, even a completed set of 1992 calendar blocks.

The back has a round robin miniature quilt sewn by my quilt bee friends. 

I even included a photo transfer of the quilt bee!

This photo has to predate the bathrobe (label says 2001) and since this photo was taken 4 members have moved away and one precious member has passed away. We love you, Karen, and put a patch for you in each quilt we make.

The reason I need a new quilted bathrobe is because I machine quilted this one with invisible nylon thread and the inside of the bathrobe is scratchy on bare arms!

So who is with me on the quest to make all of Bonnie's free blocks??? 

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