Friday, August 21, 2015

Double Binding for Quilt-As-You-Go

I always have to refresh my memory on how to do the skinny binding to hook my row by row quilted rows together.

Step 1: Cut binding 1 1/2" x length of row plus 2". Since the rows ended up about 48" long with the license plate added I needed to cut 2 lengths and piece them together.

Step 2: Iron binding in half with wrong sides together.

Step 3: Baste binding 1/8" from edge on one side of quilt.

Step 4: Sew binding 1/4" from edge on other side going through the basted binding also.

Step 5: Pin "bridges" to hold both sections to be joined.

Step 6: Zig Zag as long and as wide as possible to hold both sides of quilt together.

Step 7: Iron binding TOWARD the quilt piece just joined. Do this on BOTH sides.

Step 8: Pin binding well and make sure it catches the binding on the back side.

Step 9: Sew binding down to cover the raw edges where the quilts are joined. I use the serpentine stitch. Sew through both bindings.

Now for visuals....
Step 3 Baste 1/8" seam.

Step 4 Sew 1/4" seam.

Step 5 Pin bridges.

Bridge is pinned in both directions.

Step 6 Zig Zag.

Step 7 Iron top binding and....

Step 7 Iron bottom binding.

Step 8 Pin binding well....

Step 8 ...make sure pin catches BOTH bindings.

Step 9 Sew the binding down to cover the raw edges where the sections are joined.
Serpentine stitch.

Both sides stitched at the same time!

This side of the quilt has beach sand for binding.

This side of the quilt has water blue binding

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