Tuesday, December 20, 2016

En Provence Clue #4--After New Orleans!

We had a big birthday at our house this week and flew to New Orleans for the weekend to celebrate. This was my fun gift.
I taped a paper flame to each bottle. Instead of snuffing the candles all at once the birthday boy is snuffing them one at a time...this may take some time! ( I wanted something extravagant for this special birthday. )

First stop in New Orleans was the WWII museum.

The soldier that I got to "follow" on the tour was Jimmy Stuart! Fun!

Adolf Hitler had his initials AH and the Nazi symbol engraved on his cutlery.

Lots of huge airplanes were on display.

Then I got to play. I enjoyed all the artists displays at Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

This dog was raking in the tips while his owner fed him small morsels to keep him happy.
(I actually felt sad about this use of the dog. But he seemed happy.)

Home again and time to sew!!! Cream neutrals and browns.

Clue #4 is finished.

And here are some of the pieces for my mini-mini mystery.

Finish it Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Your color choices are so brave!!! Love seeing and reading about the WW2 museum. Thanks!

  2. Loved all your photo's. We went to the Imperial War Museum North in September. One sad exhibit was a window section of the WTC. End of December and 7th January we are going to London to visit more museum's again. I wasn't really interested in history at school but I love visiting museum's now. Your clue #4 is looking good :)

  3. Beautiful colors in your blocks.