Thursday, March 30, 2017

Garden Party Quilt

I have lots of fabric. Scrap quilts appeal to me, the more fabrics in a quilt the better. Bonnie Hunter's book Addicted To Scraps has directions for several colorful scrap quilts. I chose the Garden Party quilt to make because it has no triangles! The pattern says the quilt is 82" x 82".
I love the red and white blocks.

I elected to use one constant red.

To find a large enough space to lay all the blocks out I had to move the bed in Lynn's old bedroom.

I tweaked the pattern by adding an extra row of white squares so that the last row of red squares remain squares and weren't turned into triangles.

This is how the bed was flipped up against the wall to make room to lay out the quilt. This was where I basted the quilt too.

I did fussy cut these I LOVE YOU! bits for this flower.

The back of the quilt is a fun floral plus a yellow center.

Adding the black and white binding by machine was cumbersome on this large quilt.

All the flowers have 2 different fabrics plus a yellow center. I tried to use 100 different yellows for the flowers but when I was putting safety pins in the centers to baste the quilt I found that there was one duplicate! So 99 yellows. But all 100 flowers are different.

The back has a large yellow square with the floral surrounding it.

Finished and labeled too!

Since we aren't currently using a frame for this bed it sits lower and is easier to move. For now this quilt is living in this bedroom because it matches the walls! Before washing my quilt was 84" x 84". After machine washing and drying it was 79" x 79". This was SO MUCH FUN to make!! Happiness!

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  1. This quilt is beautiful. I am impressed with the precision on those red and white squares.

  2. Love your Garden Party Quilt!!! Turned out beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous quilt--loved the reds too hugs, Julierose

  4. Very beautiful quilt! Nice colors too!

  5. Really pretty! I am wanting to do more Bonnie Hunter patterns. Scrappy makes me happy!!

  6. I love your idea about floating the final red squares! Those half-triangles were bothering me, too. I also liked the yellow centers which makes these blocks look more like flowers. I just started this quilt and may borrow those two ideas for my own version.

  7. Thanks for sharing your pics. I started cutting this quilt out last nite from my scraps and I needed some direction and guidance from the google world and I came across your beauty. I'm going to copy your extra white square idea. Thanks for that! Have a great day!!