Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quilter's Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel cover has 5 different Vera Bradley fabrics. 
My daughter, Lynn, sells these covers on her Etsy page Holman's Creations.
She also sells the covers made from just one Vera Bradley fabric--you pick.

So yesterday someone ordered a cover in "Heather" (which I was out of) and the lady asked please can I have it before mothers day because its a gift for my mom. Lynn asked me if I could do it... Well, yes but... So I drove 17.5 miles to the closest Vera Bradley store. No luck with "Heather" but I picked up several other fabrics. The adorable woman who works at the store checked with the next closest store to see if they had "Heather". Yes! 2 left. Put them on hold--I'll be right there. Another 9 miles farther away from home but I scored both "Heather" napkins. So I then rushed back home and sewed the steering wheel cover and mailed it to the lucky lady. I hope her mother enjoys it.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!
It's because we all love our moms that I was willing to drive 52 miles to make mom happy.

After the frantic rush, I got to the fun of playing with fabric MY way. Who can pick just ONE fabric anyway? So I cut 5 napkins into 6 pieces each, sewed them in rows with 5 fabrics to a row.

Each row will become a steering wheel cover. I've got the first one on my steering wheel right now.
The next 5 are nearly finished and are for sale HERE.

Tomorrow I may get back to sewing quilt blocks.....

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