Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Double Sided Mug Rug gift

This 2 sided mug rug is a gift to Mary the Curious Quilter who hosts the Charm Swap. She does a lot of work to sort all the quilters who want to trade charm squares. I'm trading 800 charm squares with 8 quilters (100 each) and I sent 2 newbie gifts of 50 squares each to new quilters. Mary has a tutorial for making a mug rug on her site.
Find 5 faces in this mug rug. 
See the Grinch acting like a leaf?--"Leaf me alone!"

This side was fun!! Note the newsprint fabric at the bottom. Under the STOP sign is part of the weather map. I used the part of the map where Mary lives. :)

This mug rug was made from 1 1/2" squares of fabric set 7 x 10.
To make this mug rug I arranged all the squares on my cutting mat.

Then sewed all the vertical seams while chain piecing.
(Alternate the seams, pressed in then out.)

All the squares are hooked together. 
This is what Bonnie Hunter calls "webbing" the quilt.
Now I sew the horizontal rows.

I used a cardboard template to fussy cut some parts of the design.
Yes this makes my fabric look like swiss cheese!

This is the flip side before sewing.


Front and back ready to layer with batting and quilt it.
Easy and quick project--not to mention FUN.
This is what I did Saturday morning before company came....instead of cleaning house.:)

These are the 100 fabrics I cut up for the charm swap. Each of my 8 swap partners got a set of these.
I have my project in mind already for the charms I will be receiving. Stay tuned...

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