Saturday, September 12, 2015

Making Miniature Quilts

The heron quilt row is from Beginnings Quilt Shop in Hendersonville, NC.
After I pieced it I thought it would be fun to use the leftover fabric and make a miniature!
The large version has 2 1/2" cut squares that finish at 2".
My mini has 1" squares that finish at 1/2".
Large version 9x36. Mini version 3x9.

This is the pattern from the shop for the row by row.

They had 2 full color photos of the row. This photo on the inside of the pattern was exactly the right size to trace the heron.

Then because cutting 1" squares is SO MUCH FUN I cut more and arranged them like this:

And when they are all sewn together I got this:

This miniature is 4" x 12".

The best thing about miniature quilts is that they are very quickly done!

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  1. i love the tiny pieces. these turned out beautiful!