Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fussy Square Foundation piecing

Foundation piecing is very accurate and not too difficult. Download this link to a 4 1/2" Fussy Square paper block foundation. Make sure to DOWNLOAD then PRINT. If you print from the screen it will not come out 4 1/2",  it will be 4 3/8".
Cut out a center motif that fits in a 2" square. Cut the motif 2 1/2" square. This is pinned in the center of the paper foundation on the PLAIN side of the paper but facing up.
Looking THROUGH the paper you can see the motif is centered with the seam allowance around the square.

Pin the fabric in place. (I don't use pins but I have made loads of these.)

This motif is pinned and ready to sew.

The next round of 4 triangles are cut 2 1/2" x 1 1/2".
Line up the 2 1/2" edges, hold the pieces together and gently turn over so you can sew on the line.

Reduce your stitch length from normal (2.4) to tighter stitches (1.5).

Sew ON the LINE between piece 1 and piece 2.

See I'm holding the pieces together on the bottom side as I sew on the top of the paper.

This shows the tiny stitches on the line. 
Don't sew too far beyond the line or it will be difficult to trim later.

Flip this piece open, away from the center piece.

First piece of this round is done.
Now do the opposite side.

Lay the 2 1/2" length sides together.
Carefully turn over and sew on the line.

Now #3 is sewn to #1.

Open this piece too.

Repeat the process for the top and bottom pieces.

Top done.

Bottom done. Press.

The outside round of triangles are cut 3 1/2" in half once diagonally. 
So cut 2 squares 3 1/2" and then cut once diagonally to yield 4 triangles.

See the white triangle of fabric under the paper? 
You should be able to see the top and bottom of the triangle.
If you lift the edges like this you can see that the seam line will be fine.
IF you are a beginner try cutting 4" squares in half diagonally. Then you will for sure have enough seam allowance and once flipped it will be fine.

The white triangle is sewn. Now TRIM the excess from round 1.
Repeat the corners until all are done.

This block has one odd corner because it's for a specific project but you can see how the first round of rectangles now look like triangles! Yay! The outside corners are oversized at this point.

Lay a 4 1/2" square ruler on top of the block and centered. Trim the excess away.

This is my Fussy Five summer block.

Fussy Five fall block.

Fussy Five winter block.

If you are joining the  Fussy Square Block Swap on Flickr make sure you leave the paper backing on the blocks you make and sign the center paper square.

See Fussy Square Block Project previous post for  more info.

Thanks for joining our Flickr group. It is so much fun!


  1. YOU ARE A GEM! This is great! I cannot wait to get started and dedicate my first one to you! HUGS! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for all the helpful tips. Hoping to at least get started tonight. Should be fun. Thank you!

  3. This tutorial worked like a charm. However I would add that I poked a pin hole through the 1st 4 corners of the 2.5 x 2.5 " sq. it made it so much easier to align piece #1 and #2 pieces. Thank you Susan