Monday, March 23, 2015

Fussy Square Block Swap--ongoing project

Last fall I got involved in the Fussy Square Block Swap. (The group is on Flickr and you might have to be a member to see all the cool stuff on Flickr but it's easy to join and free.) I love to fussy cut fabric! I've been doing it for years so this was a perfect group for me to join. Each month there is a theme for the block exchange. The first one I did was Round 10: FALL. (So I missed the first 9 rounds!)

This is what the web site looks like on my computer.
See how the upcoming rounds are numbered on the left? Don't they look fun?
There is a template for the foundation pieced 4 1/2" block so everyone makes the same size.
Some people have been swapping from the start and have loads of blocks. Everyone can post photos of blocks, groups of blocks or projects made from the blocks.
Check these out!

This is a photo by TxQltr. Over a years worth of swapped blocks. So pretty!

By Laurie L5. She made this from her first 99 blocks. So interesting. I know the photo is blurry but each block has a tiny picture of something in it. How sweet is that?

We swap 12 blocks each month.
The theme for April is SEWING. These are the 12 blocks I've made to swap.
Irons, needle & thread, pincushions, measuring tape, and one sewing machine.

 I'm keeping the sewing machine for this month. 
I always make 13 blocks. 12 to swap and 1 to keep.

This is how I make my fussy cuts. First lay the window over the fabric.

The part showing will be the center of my block.
Now I lay the 2" square right in the window and lift up the outer paper.

Now the part I want is covered. I cut 1/4" around the paper and sew the block together.

"Help me, ObiWan Kenobi. You're my only hope..." 
This is Angry Birds Star Wars fabric. What a hoot!

The Witch (FALL-October) and Joy (CHRISTMAS-November) were blocks to swap and the lower 2 were just for fun. We took December off.

The Jellyfish/snails was traded (UNDER THE SEA-January) and the rest are just for fun.

OUTER SPACE-February, GEEK/NERDY-March, SEWING-April are for the swap.
(The microscope and sewing machine have similar shapes---are we sewing nerds?)
Princess Leah and R2D2 is for fun.

All of these are just for fun because I wanted to play.

I received these FALL/HALLOWEEN swap blocks.

I received these CHRISTMAS blocks.

These are my received UNDER THE SEA blocks.

And I just received these OUTER SPACE blocks.

The GEEK/NERD blocks are in the swap phase.
This is going to be an awesome quilt!!

If you'd like to join in the fun then join Flickr and watch the Fussy Square Block Swap group for sign ups. There are an amazing amount of beautiful photos on Flickr. There are many categories of photos too. I like the quilt stuff and the nature photos but there is something for everyone.


  1. How fun! You have given me an idea for (another) quilts for my grandson! This could be QUITE the "I spy" quilt! So good to have a template (I've been in a couple guild swaps that um were not all to correct size....

  2. You are having way too much fun!