Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Love Project-- preparation

I am gearing up for a BIG and INTENSE quilt project. If I plan to blog about as it goes it will make me work harder so that's what I will do. This project will have more "fussy" cut squares. This will NOT be a portrait but to give you an example of the intensity here are some of my previous INTENSE projects.
This is "Digital JC" (2000). It is made with 1/2" squares of fabric---LOTS of them.
I left my shoes in the photo so you can see how big it is.
JC was the very first of my 1/2" SQ INTENSE projects.
It was SO MUCH FUN to make! I learned a lot.
Can you see the smiling girl faces in his face? I think there are 3 in this photo.

This is "Justin" (2001). He is also rendered in 1/2" squares of fabric.

Look for the girls again. (3 in this photo.)

Both quilts have all the band members names on the quilt.
"Justin" has rhinestone sparkles added to the background and I used a bandana type fabric for the border because he often wore bandanas when preforming.

This is my FAVORITE template ever. It is acrylic and measures 1" x 1".
I put 1/4" tape around the edge to mark where the seam allowance will be and that leaves me with a window to select some fussy cut squares.
This is one of my favorite go to fabrics for little faces.

This is what happens to my lovely fabric when I cut all the faces out of it!

Here we go again. With this template I can use my rotary cutter to cut quickly.

Now I have a sweet face to put into The Love Project.

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