Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Love Project--finally painting with fabric

At last it's time to begin painting with the fabric I've been cutting. I will start with the upper left part of the cross-stitch pattern by Tiny Modernist. I number the rows across the top and down the side. The gridded mat is perfect because I'm using 1" squares and it has a 1" grid already marked!
I started by laying the red border pieces.
Next I put white in alternating spots.
Then the blue, green, red and light pink.

Filled in the dark pink and white squares to complete the background and then it's time to sew.

The grid mat is placed to the left of my machine.

I sew the squares together one at a time.
These are all chain pieced so when it's time to sew the horizontal rows it's a breeze since they are all closely connected. It's almost like they are pinned together.

This is what it looks like with the vertical seams sewn together.

Now I put the first sewn unit next to the mat and begin laying out the next section.
This way I get the rows correct and don't get the same fabrics next to each other.
Again I started with the border, white alternating, blue, green, red and light pink.

This is the 6' long table I'm using to hold the mat and "paint".

Now the 2nd unit is ready to sew.

Now the 3rd unit is ready to sew.

Let me say that although this step is FUN, FUN, FUN it is also physically exhausting.
My upper back gets fatigued and neck too. So I make myself take breaks and take Sasha for walks.

Here are a couple more quilts made using 1/2" squares.

This quilt is called "Only ONE Fabric". (2004)
The ENTIRE quilt is made from one fabric, including the binding!
I fussy cut the whole thing as a personal challenge.

This was the original fabric that I used. (8 yd)

I like palm trees and I think the waterline worked out nicely.
Can you see where each element was cut from the original fabric?
When I was done with this quilt the original fabric was serious swiss cheese!!!

And here is one more quilt I'm adding because today is my brother's birthday.

Happy Birthday big brother!

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  1. I love reading how you are putting this quilt together - I think I've worked out how you do the down 'linked' sewing, so I'm presuming when that's all finished then you'll sew all the other 'across' rows? Looking forward to your next instalment :)

  2. Yes, correct. After completing this project I will do a little tutorial on making a cute snowman ornament using this method . You can try it!

    1. Thank you - I always enjoy reading your posts :)

  3. I love these instructions and the quilts that result from the tiny fabric squares. Thanks for sharing!��

  4. This reminds me of a puzzle!! You are very patient...but boy! yours results are well worth the effort! Great quilts!