Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Love Project--making paint

After choosing all the fabrics I make a paint pallet of 1" squares.
Start by cutting 1" strips of fabric.

Cut the strips into 1" squares.

Make stacks of squares. This is my light pink paint.
(Notice the fabric lower right? I used strips of that pink to tie onto our black suitcase handles to make it easier to identify our suitcases when we travel. You will see more of this pink below in a quilt.)

Light blue paint.

Dark blue paint.

Green paint.

White paint.

And I'm still working on cutting my red paint.
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this:

I made this "RSIS" quilt in 2003 as a gift for the owner of RSIS.
My husband worked for them at the time and the company took all the senior staff to Bermuda for a meeting of some sort during the summer of 2003. I went along to soak up some sun. Bermuda has a bunch of pink houses so I used my favorite travel pink fabric to make the PINK house by the beach.  It is made entirely of 1/2" squares of fabric. To get the rounded shape of the logo I fussy cut squares that were red/white or red/blue.

If you look closely you might be able to see 7 fussy cut fish in the water.
And 7 smiling faces on the beach. I pieced my name into the lower corner.

Look closely here and you can see a tiny photo of my "Digital JC" quilt nestled between the large I and S near the top of the photo. It's 2 up and 2 left of the big red heart. I used photo transfer paper to print it onto fabric from my printer.

All the centers of these stars have the names and faces of the senior staff that went to Bermuda.
The lowest star says THANK YOU and RODNEY with a photo of the Bermuda beach and a photo of ME in a black bikini that was taken during that trip! 

This is the perfect example of the INTENSITY of making a quilt of 1/2" squares.
Oh, but the FUN! Adding all the tiny details was pure joy.

Now I must get back to cutting the red fabric...

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