Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Love Project--choosing fabrics

I won't reveal what my final plan is for this quilt yet but it comes from a cross stitch pattern.

I feel like this almost cheating to just have it printed out how many of each color I need. 
But I still need to cut a plethora of 1" squares to make this quilt.

This is what we will call Baby Blue Dark.

Parrot Green medium.

Cranberry medium.

Cranberry light.

Navy Blue light.

Christmas Red.
Plus loads of white fabrics for the "background" since I'm not cross-stitching on a piece of whole cloth I've got to MAKE the background too.

QUESTION: WHY don't I just use ONE fabric of each color?

ANSWER: The quilt will be immensely, exponentially, infinitely more interesting with many fabrics!  

This is another example of what can be done with 1/2" squares.
See how many different blue fabrics are in the water?
The sky was made from one fabric that was a mottled blue and cloud white. 
It is more boring to look at so it lets the water and beach shine.

The next step in The Love Project is to make "paint" out of all these chosen fabrics.

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