Friday, March 20, 2015

UFO Inventory

It's true. UFOs exist in my house. 
Yes, I get a bunch of stuff finished but there are some that get so close...
I absolutely MUST get this UFO license plate from Sew Easy Sewing in Roswell, NM when they go on sale May 15th. This license plate is part of the Row By Row Experience 2015. I wonder what their free row will look like? But back to UFOs... In no particular order....

I still have to add the elastic to all these steering wheel covers.

This Kaffe Fasset woven quilt just needs the outer white border.

This is a Leader/Ender Irish Chain quilt that needs the long rows sewn together and borders. I want to use a narrow purple and then one of these 2 prints. Which is better: the lighter purple print on top or the darker purple print below? I originally thought I'd use the top one but now I like the darker one.

This fun batik quilt needs the rest of the blocks assembled and rows sewn.

Harry Potter Project Of Doom bookcase. 
I have the first 3 blocks done and the quilt along is on block #11...I'm so far behind. 

Batik block swap. There are 9 of each design, more blocks to come.
Thanks Charlotte C. for all the hard work swapping out the blocks!

Scrappy block swap. There are, again, 9 each with more to come.
Thanks Charlotte C. for all the hard work keeping this swap going so smoothly.

All the string blocks are made (81) and all the sashing strips are done. All I need to do here is make the 9 patch posts for the intersections then sew it all together. I love the plaids!

This Christmas tree quilt needs the pieced borders finished.

This box smelled LOVELY when I opened it because I had put a bunch of candles in it! Yay.

This "Double Delight" from Quiltville was the 2008 mystery quilt. I made it in Maryland flag colors.
All it needs now is the last yellow border on one side and a black border. So close....!

And finally this snowman tote using last year's license plates hasn't been completed even though I'm really close!

Why, why is it so difficult to stay on task???
These are not my only unfinished projects. 
There are more but these are the current ones that have a chance of getting finished.
So remember:
This is the other license plate that Sew Easy Sewing is offering for sale this summer during the Row By Row experience which runs June 21-September 8 for the free patterns. 
(License plates may be available starting May 15, 2015.)
Which project should I go work on now?
Happy quilting.

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