Monday, December 21, 2015

Clue 4 and Christmas/Get Well Quilt

The mystery quilt I'm working on is the Bonnie Hunter 2015 Allietare mystery quilt that she gives clues for on her blog every Friday from the end of November until the final reveal. This week the clue had quite a bit of piecing and TONS of pieces! I have NOT finished the clue yet but I will.
This MIGHT be how these pieces are used but just a guess.

This one set of clue 4.
I'm busy chain piecing.

I've pieced all these reds and now I've got to do the white!

But I did finish this Christmas/Get Well quilt.

The back looks like Christmas lights and presents!


  1. Your theoretical block seems a logic conclusion to me. I'm just so eager to know what the central units would be? Pinwheels? Which color are we using next? Your pretty bees are fun!

  2. You've done pretty well keeping up with the clues. Your Christmas/Get Well quilt turned out beautifully!

  3. Your mystery units look so bright and happy! I like your block layout, but also wonder what would look best in the middle.

  4. That will be a lively quilt!...wonderful.

  5. Good job with the Allietare. Your Christmasquilt looks nice.

  6. I'm following a few blogs making this quilt - it's interesting to see how sewers lay out their finished pieces to guess what the final placement may be :)