Thursday, December 31, 2015

Clue 5- Allietare Mystery vs Rambo

Busy holidays plus head cold equals zero energy for sewing.
I spent all my energy on visiting with family and babysitting the adorable rambunctious Rambo.
This is clue 5 for the Allietare Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter.

After making a few blocks this could be the "alternate block" which there will be 20 of.

I still like this for the "primary block" which there will be 30 of.

They look nice together.

This is Rambo holding a bone as big as he is.

This is Rambo taunting Sasha with a tennis ball.

Finally some down time as they sleep on the couch together.

Oops! This block has a mouth!


Sasha is 50 pounds. Rambo is 7 pounds.
This makes for an uneven walk although they both try to pull me along.

This is my guess for the layout. This is 9 main blocks and 4 alternate blocks.
I think the final quilt will be set 5 x 6 main and 4 x 5 alternate in between.
I like how the yellow forms a chain.
I can't wait to see what Bonnie Hunter does with the centers of these blocks! 


  1. Love your layout, and great red, yellow, and neutral choices...your black goes good too! I like your mouth
    block, it reminds me of a pita stuffed with everything
    delicious!! I must be getting hungry, excited for New Year's..because of the mystery of course :)

  2. A very interesting layout - I wonder how much you have got right - can't wait to see the comparison. Happy New Year 2016