Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fairy Godmother from Paper Panache

This is my quilting Fairy Godmother.


While searching for something else entirely, I stumbled upon an awesome website with foundation piecing patterns. Paper Panache. There are loads of beautiful creative projects to purchase and some free patterns also. 
I was intrigued with the Fairy Godmother. It's FREE. And all the godmothers are different! There are many different hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths and necklaces. To get an idea for good colors/fabrics to use there is a gallery with over a hundred completed Fairy Godmothers to look through.

This is Linda Worland's Fairy Godmother. 
Linda is the creative force behind this.

To get your own fairy godmother you have to complete this multiple choice quiz.
Once you submit your answers you will get a "name" and a code to retrieve your fairy plus all the links to the foundation downloads of Units A thru F. Print them out and follow the directions.

These are the pieces of my "Show-tellluria" without glasses.
This is the version I chose to do.

These are the pieces of Show-tellluria with glasses.

Sewing the mouth unit to the top unit. Sew exciting!!

And tada! Here she is. My very own Fairy Godmother to watch over my sewing room.
"Show-tellluria" is her given name.

Watching over my studio...

I'm going to make a couple more fairies because they are fun!! 

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