Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Connecting rows for Quilt As You Go

I forgot to show this row from Ellicott City Sew Vac as I pieced it and now its already quilted!

I chose to make a 2 sided quilt. So I sandwiched 2 rows back to back and quilted it.

These 2 rows are joined forever too.

I purchased these awesome binding fabrics at Mare's Bears in Lewes, DE as I picked up their row.

Cut each binding strip 1 1/2" wide by length of quilt plus 2 inches. Fold WST in half and iron.

Pin with raw edges to edge of quilt. Pin one on each side of the quilt. 
One will show on the front of the quilt and one will show on the back.

Sew through all layers with 1/4" seam allowance.

Abut the 2 sections to be joined.
 Using a piece of folded fabric as a bridge, pin sides to hold them together.

Use several bridges to hold the sides together.

Sew together using a wide zig zag stitch.

Fold the binding toward the joined piece and iron. 
Repeat for both sides. Pin through BOTH bindings. 

Check the bottom side to make sure the binding has been captured by the pin.

Sew the folded edge down. I used the serpentine stitch to secure both top and bottom.

The binding is is now holding the two halves together.


  1. Love how you joined your rows, did you just trim off the ends, and bind the whole quilt the normal way? Thanks for the great pictures. Sheila

    1. Yes, trim the ends and when the quilt is as big as desired, Add binding around the outside. Since this will be a 2 sided quilt I'm thinking about making a hanging sleeve that attaches to the top binding.

  2. What are the widths of fabric used around the license plate to make it 9"? I like your scrappy idea with that and want to do something similar with mine.