Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sewing day for Row By Row FUN!

I sewed all day today. Yay!! I started by finishing the adorable sailing regatta from Cottonseed Glory.

 Aren't these boats cute?? I made one of them the PARTY boat. How appropriate for Cottonseed Glory to have sailboats since they are in Annapolis. The Chesapeake Bay is dotted with these boats.

Next on my list was the yellow background with 5 flowers in pots from Bears Paw in Towson. I ran into some problems because they had cut the background fabric 10" x 36", so it was 1/2" too short! I improvised with some extra striped fabric and a yellow spacer.
See the extra piece of yellow fabric on the bottom border? I made it long enough so I could take the extra small bit and add it to the top border on the left side.

The yoyo flowers are to be added to the quilt after the quilting is done.

This is what it will look like when the flowers are added.

This is from Spring Water Designs in Columbia, MD.

I found this cute yellow batik with the green girls on it at one of the stores I shopped at yesterday!

I finished the appliqué for the Capital Quilts row. 
I used a white fabric that had gold sparkles in it so they reflect the fireworks above!

This row by row stuff is SO MUCH FUN!!! Happy happy happy.......


  1. Susan ~ Loved meeting you at the shop (Spring Water Designs) and seeing your completed row on your blog :) Can't wait to see your completed quilt!

  2. Thanks. Your row is now quilted. I'm doing quilt as you go and assembling the rows. I just love your happy spring time row!