Friday, February 20, 2015

A Blizzard of Steering Wheel Covers

What do you do when it is ZERO degrees out with a wicked wind chill of -18??
The answer is to stay inside and sew.
On this Frigid Friday I'm sewing steering wheel covers made out of Vera Bradley cloth napkins that I cut into 6" x 10" pieces. It takes 5 pieces to make one wheel cover.
These are the ingredients in a cover: fabric, elastic and grippy shelf liner.
This is my Friday Finish for Crazy Mom Quilts!
And I still have LOTS of sewing to do...
These are my fabrics for the sets A thru F.
Each SET will be 6 identical wheel covers. 
I will give 3 of each set to my daughter, Lynn, to sell in her ETSY shop: Holman's Creations.
The other 3 of each set I will sell at our local quilt show in April. 
(And the covers that don't sell at the show will go to Lynn to sell.)

The casings are sewn and ready for grippy liner.

This Vera Bradley fabric wasn't a napkin. I bought it on Ebay. This is the special Disney print.

The only place to get Disney Vera Bradley is at a Disney theme park or online at the theme park web site, or Ebay.

I'm also going to write the pattern for these wheel covers because I know quilters would rather make their own than buy pre-made.

My husband's little MD gnome has an incorrect reading on his thermometer.
My hands FROZE trying to get this picture and the reading shows it's -2C when actually it's -2F!
Stay warm and happy sewing.

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  1. A truly unique project. I am waiting impatiently for your tutorial.
    Jane in KS