Friday, February 12, 2016

A Dachshund For Linda

Time to make a fun quilted gift for Linda D. I've chosen to make a little quilt out of 1/2" squares because it's FUN, FUN, FUN! This is another quilt from a cross stitch pattern.

I found this pattern on the internet at a site called Cross Me Not. To make this in fabric I just need to substitute a piece of fabric for each square on the patten. Let's GO!

I printed some pages and then designed a quilty background.
I'm auditioning the fabrics here to see if they play nicely together.

I lay the 1" squares of fabric on my gridded mat to make the pattern.
The TAN mat is FULL so I must use another mat (BLUE) to continue the pattern.

This shows all the squares of the top half sewn together and half the bottom.

Now I need to sew ALL the horizontal seams.

The state flower of MD where I live is the Black Eyed Susan.
These yellow flowers with monkey face centers are "Silly Susans" because I like to add whimsey to my quilts. I also added my signature square that has my name on it. :)

See the tiny dachshund?

The quilt top is ready for quilting.

I ALWAYS add some purple to my quilts.
This quilt has a purple dragonfly.

"Misty" is 23" x 21".

Thanks, Linda, for letting me love your temperamental machine and give it a new home.

She has her own table and looks out over the golf course.

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  1. You never make things easy for yourself do you :) You have so much patience to cut and sew all those tiny little blocks together, but what a wonderful result!

  2. That is so adorable!!! I love that the little dragonfly is sitting on the dog's nose! Great work, as always!