Friday, February 26, 2016

Parts 4, 5 & 6 of My Small World

This is the finish of the pattern "My Small World" by Jen Kingwell. Her pattern is divided into 6 parts. My goal was to finish the quilt top by Thursday February 25th and here you go it's done!

Two halves of Part 4--minus a top row of squares! 
Once I put this section next to the rest of the quilt I realized it was a row short.
No problem.

Part 4 done!

Is this a cheating way to do the hexies?
I fused them to muslin then did the vertical seams and then the long horizontal zig-zag seam.
Part 5 done!

Part 6 done!
I didn't want the silos in the green area so I changed them to palm trees and added a cabana, and a bunch of little sailboats! I've been adding beach things all over this quilt. The bottom left corner fabric has sand and footprints.

The 2" square of stripe fabric is exactly the same as Jen Kingwell's in her original quilt "My Small World".  I put it in on purpose because that is the ONLY piece of mine that is the same as hers. I even tried to cut the stripe just like she did. :) Fun.

"Aloha!" and "Quilting Forever" appear in the sky along with a large S and H which stand for Susan Holman of course. :)

Parts 4, 5, 6 all together......

Our dog Sasha is twin sister to my son's dog Loralai so I put both of them in the quilt for fun.

Words, words words.

More fun with words.

Ta-da! It's finished. The top is about 52" x 34" before quilting.
I loved making this quilt. I used fabrics from years ago that I didn't remember that I owned. 
Now I need to decide how to quilt it.

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  1. It's beautiful. Next step backing and binding - what will you do with it when it's all finished? Are you keeping if for yourself or to sell, on etsy maybe? I don't think I could put all those hours into some so intricate and then sell/give it away. But I guess you have made many small world items and then said 'bye bye' to them? :)

  2. Soo colorful and lively! Great contrast with your fabrics too. I think this may be my fave version of this pattern so far.