Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rope Bowl

A new bowl to hold all my little 3" stars until I put them into the Among Friends quilt.

I learned how to make rope bowls from the book It's a Wrap by Susan Breier.

I took a photo of the settings I used for further reference.

This is the rope I purchased at Walmart.

This gorgeous fabric has Christmas ornaments on it and may have been hard to use in a quilt but I loved the colors in it. So this will now become a bowl.

I sewed a label to the bottom once I had it this big.

The bird fabric was a coordinating one to the Christmas fabric. Both fabrics are from the UK.

The bottom of the bowl is 11" diameter.
Now for the sides....
See the ornaments?

The sides are sewn like this.
I started with 1 yard of fabric and used all of it. 
This is the leftover rope. I can make a coaster or small bowl with it.

This is my bonus bowl.
These are so much fun to make that I went back to Walmart and purchased more rope. 
And then went to Linderella's Quilt Works in Southern Pines to buy some lovely Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
I need to stay on task and sew more little stars instead of starting another project.....


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    1. (2nd attempt - I hate when I see a spelling mistake after posting a comment)
      Thanks for sharing how you sew your rope bowl - I've seen/watched/read a few blogs/videos/tutorials and am itching to have a go myself. I love that red fabric you used, for the overall effect. I thought at first you had folded over your fabric (which I've pondered about doing) as you didn't seem to have any raw edges showing. Love your red bowl :) Have a nice weekend.

  2. Lovely bowl, looking forward to giving it a try.