Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Fun Rope Bowls

Rope bowls are addictive and fast.

Start with some fun fabric.
Cut 3/4" strips.

This is the bowl I made on July 4th. Oval!

The strips of fabric get wrapped around clothesline rope and zig zag sewn.

Necessary tools to make a bowl: rotary cutter for the fabric strips, glue stick to stick the ends to the rope, scissors, King Tut #921 my favorite variegated thread.

This bowl is for MA and took about an hour to make.
For future reference it took 20' 6" of rope and 18 strips of fabric cut 20" x 3/4".
The base is 4" across and the sides are 2" high.

Mom and MA came for a visit to Pinehurst.
MA got a kick out of feeding the turtles in the pond and Sasha loved watching.
I wanted to give her something to remember her trip to see us so I whipped up a bowl for her.

Sasha approves and bows to my creativity.
(Really she was stretching and hoping for a walk since I finished the bowl.)

I almost forgot the label on the bottom!!
You must remember to sew it on BEFORE doing the sides!
Take it out of the sewing area and flip it over, sew the label, flip it back and continue sewing.

To read about how to make these bowls see the book It's a Wrap by Susan Breier.

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  1. Love the colours of your bowl. I can't believe I went into town today for shopping and forgot to put *rope/washing line* onto my list grrrr