Friday, July 15, 2016

Triangle Treasures (Baby Quilt) x 2

I know 2 pregnant women who are sisters-in-law and due 2 weeks apart. They each married into the family next door to me. My kids grew up with their boys --who grew up, became married men and now expectant fathers. So it's time for some FUN baby quilts!!!

I've decided to use MY pattern called Triangle Treasures (from 2007).
You know I hate triangles BUT there are NO points to match with this quilt!
It's SUPER easy to do.

I'm making 2 of the small crib size quilt (38" x 42").
This was a perfect opportunity to TEST my own pattern!
The pattern for this Triangle Treasure baby quilt can be found in my Etsy shop HERE.

For one crib size I needed 30 squares of fabric. So I cut 60 squares. Many of these prints are fun stuff for an I SPY type quilt but I also mixed in some stripes, plaids and polka dots.

I fussy cut some fun stuff like the Charmander Pokemon.

And of course I added Sponge Bob Squarepants!
Using a tan solid for the sashing is perfect to show off the prints AND it's gender neutral.

One quilt top ready for quilting. This quilt has frogs, dogs, cats, hats, bugs, spiders, fish, crabs, sea birds, letters, numbers, people, candy, cakes, sharks, octopus, snails, yarn, keyboarding slang, zippers, starfish, candy corn, bicycles, seahorses, houses, cars, stars, hearts, seaweed,  monsters, owls, chickens, dragonflies, flowers, squares, diamonds, circles, triangles, and happy sunshine--- plus a whole bunch more!!

The pattern calls for a 6" square of fabric that then ultimately gets cut twice on the diagonal to make 4 pieces of each fabric in the quilt. Since I used 60 prints and swapped halves these quilts will only have 2 matching prints. So it's also a matching game. "Find the other triangle with the...sharks." However, since I added the Pokemon and Sponge Bob I eliminated a couple of fabrics too. So not every print is part of a pair and that's fun too.

This is the main difference in the quilts!

And this.

Look at the sweet little Charmander Pokemon sitting on the Charmander quilt.
(Yes, I play Pokemon Go.)

Two baby quilts pieced and quilted...ahead of schedule.

Fun stuff.

The backing fabric is popcorn!!!

Now I need to put them in a SAFE place so I can FIND them when the time comes to gift them.
For now I need to go catch more Pokemon.....


  1. Too organised! Nah, seriously, great work - you must be very happy with them, they look awesome. I love the detail of the rainbow thread quilting in the sashing fabric!

  2. I love the idea of the eye-spy - lovely fabrics and quilts :)

  3. Beautiful! Adorable! So thoughtful and fun!! :)