Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Easy Street Green Bowl

I have a box of gorgeous fabrics just waiting to be made into the Bonnie Hunter quilt called Easy Street. It has lime green, bright blue, white with black prints and they are SOOOO pretty! But I keep them safe in that box until I want to make that quilt which will be.....???? So for now I snuck some of them out and trimmed strips 3/4" wide off a few of them. Yay!

But once I tried to begin, I found out that both of my glue sticks were dried up. Ugh.
A quick trip to CVS solved that problem.

The bottom of the bowl is blue and look at the adorable label I found for this bowl!!

My cool project on this HOT summer day!

I took this photo with the flash on to dispel the shadows.
This bowl is 6" x 10 1/2" across the top edges.

It's big enough to hold stuff.

The sides are 3 1/2" high. See my gecko?

I started with 5 1/2" to the first turn.
The blue base is 4" x 9".
The green sides are 3 1/2" high.
The bowl is 6" x 10 1/2".

A fun and useful finished product.

Loralai and Sasha want to go for a walk...even in this heat!
At lease I can now enjoy my Easy Street Bowl even if I never make the quilt.


  1. Loving your bowl. I've been under the weather for a while, but making a string bowl is 'almost' top of my to-do list. Thankfully our heat has cooled down for now and we just had a sprinkle of rain - yeah for the farmers :)