Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Auntie Bee's Purse Step 6 Binding and Finished!

This purse is nearly done now. The binding is the worst part of the whole process. I've made this purse 7 times now and each time I've tried a different type of binding. I tried everything from my favorite method of French binding all machine done to traditional binding that is hand stitched. It ALL comes out untidy and icky in my opinion. However, it is hidden on the inside of the purse. That's a blessing. For this purse I prepared 2 yards of bias French binding cut 2.5" wide and I sewed it on with my favorite regular 1/4" foot. This method worked pretty well since this foot is less bulky than the walking foot.
The binding goes around the edges and around the top curves. Start in the center of one long straight edge. Leave a short tail to tuck the other end of the binding into.

Once the French binding is sewn to one side of the seam then it's easy to just flip it over to the other side and sew it down. Just force it into submission!

This is my overlap where one end is tucked into the other.

Ugly corner mess...

.......but it's attached! Yay.

The curve is always messy. I signed the purse up in this tippy top spot.

For the bottom stiffener I used a piece of cutting mat cut 4" x 8" with corners rounded.

When you turn the purse right side out slip the stiffener in the bottom of the bag.

"Bee Grateful"! Indeed. And always BEE POSITIVE!

Strap construction: cut fabric 5 1/4" x 27" and cut fusible fleece 2 1/2" x 20". Fold in 1/2" on each short end and press. Then fold lengthwise in half, press, fold each side in again and press. Lay the fusible fleece in the center and fuse. It should be about 3" away from each end. Then fold the long sides to the middle, and fold the whole thing in half again. Sew around perimeter with a topstitch.

I added 2 snaps on each end of the strap just below the fleece, and the corresponding part of the snap just above the 1/2" hem. This photo shows both ends and one is face up and one face down.

The strap goes through the buckle and snaps.

For the zipper pull cut fabric 1.5" x 5", double fold, sew down the unfolded side to secure it. Put through zipper ring and sew across it to secure it. 

I hope Auntie Bee likes her purse. 

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  1. You did a terrific job on this--I own a Vera Bradley in that style--my favorite purse. You are very brave o tackle this project!! such a good sewist!! Nice fabrics, too. You have quite a range from those tiny one inchers to bags..hugs, Julierose