Sunday, February 12, 2017

Auntie Bee's Vera Bradley Purse

Five years ago my Auntie Bee showed me her favorite worn out Vera Bradley purse (called "On The Go") and asked me if I could make a similar purse if she gave me the fabrics she wanted for the outside and lining. I was up for a challenge and after making a prototype I sewed her purse.
The closer purse is by Vera Bradley. The other purse is by me July 2012.

So she sent me more fabric. August 2012.

And more fabric. September 2012.

June 2013.

November 2013.

That was the last purse I sewed for her. 

She gave me these fabrics in January and asked for another purse. 
It's been so long since I made these that I had to dig out the pattern and try to decipher it. Anyone want to try to make one of these? Here are all my notes. See if you can follow along. Let's do it!
Make a quilted piece that is 18" x 45", wash and dry it to shrink it. Then cut pieces.

I realize no-one is really interested but I'm posting it here so I can always find it even when I lose the paper version! I was lucky to find these after 5 years! 

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