Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings for the newest members of our family.
Loralai is wearing the festive headgear. My son, Chris, has taught her many cool things.
Sasha is WAY too dignified to hold treats on her nose or wear silly hats.
These 2 are twin sisters and both are rescued dogs. They have found COZY and HAPPY homes.
I picked a license plate for each of their stockings and pieced a house blocks and a tree blocks for each of them --from my "2014 License Plate Quilt" pattern. (Available on Etsy here.)

I sketched out a rough plan on paper then cut a muslin stocking. After basting the tree, house and license plate in place I used selvage strips to complete the rows.

To finish the 3 sections I used a long selvage and folded it to measure 3/4" and ironed to create an edge to sew. Then it was laid over the raw edges of the rows and I sewed down both sides of the strip.

The letters were appliqu├ęd by machine after using Heat 'N' Bond Lite to secure them.

The house for Loralai has my son, Chris, with his dog in the doorway. So cute!

I had loads of fun picking out cool words for these stockings. I put cars in this one.

This is how I added the long strip to cover all the raw edges.

Loralai is the Princess so she gets to have crowns and the word Princess.

Sasha has "Magical Dragons" and "Hocus Pocus" plus "the Berenstain Bears".
All these selvages came from the fabrics I bought this past summer during the Row By Row Experience. Such a fun summer of shop hopping. 
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Those are too cute, both the stocking and the fur babies!!!