Monday, December 22, 2014

G. I. Clue #4 and Reddit Secret Santa gift

Clue 4 in the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville was fairly quick to piece.
Cutting squares is a breeze, the pink/blue units were done in step #1 so just blue/white to cut and piece.

These are bits of all the clues so far. Only Bonnie knows how they will all fit together in a quilt!

Ready for clue celebration?
Bubblegum Martini!! Add some of each, stir and enjoy.
(Blue Curacao, Creme de Banana, Bailey's Irish Creme.) 

I love finishing clues! This quilt is definitely a party quilt.

I've got clues 1-4 in baggies ready for our final instructions on assembly.
See other quilters progress on the Monday Link Up.

REDDIT Secret Santa 2014

I joined in the 2014 Reddit Gifts Secret Santa exchange. 
I believe we set a Guiness world record for the largest exchange--over 200,000 people!! 
I was Santa #99,856.

The gift I received was 4 Vera Bradley cloth napkins for me to quilt with. 

I cut a few squares from each one and pieced it like this.

I quilted all the layers with fusible fleece and fusible interfacing to make it stiff.

Then shaped it like a basket and added binding around the top.
Thanks Secret Santa!!
I sent my person an I SPY quilt that I purchased on Etsy.

It came with a laminated list of items to find in the quilt.
I also sent her a cookbook that contains my all-time favorite recipe.
She was pleased. Merry Christmas!! Ho ho ho.


  1. I'm impressed with all the mystery block arrangements you have come up with!

  2. I love seeing your blocks up on the wall. Had to giggle when I saw your Martini ingredients! I'm still working my way through clue 2, and find that after I have had a little Bailey's and hot cocoa, the sewing goes wonky!

  3. Love your layouts...units are beautiful.

  4. such a wonderful exchange, love the basket you made. Your units for GI are looking great, it won't be long now and we will be putting all these little beauties together.

  5. Love the fabrics you're using. The gift exchange looks like fun. Love that basket.

  6. I'll drink to that celebration!

  7. What and amazing project. Blessings Always, Mtetar