Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More designer steering wheel covers

While I'm in fast sewing mode, and I finished sewing clue #2 for the mystery on Sunday, I decided it was time to sew more steering wheel covers for my daughter to sell on Etsy. I make them, she sells them and she keeps the money. If they sell then maybe she can have fun Christmas shopping. :)

So Vera Bradley has some new cloth napkins for sale. I purchased the napkins and then cut them up just a bit, sewed them back together and the steering wheel cover is born! (There are more detailed instructions on how to construct these in my tutorial for Designer Steering Wheel Covers.)
Pink Swirls.

Moon Blooms.

Emerald Paisley.

Blue Ink.

Venetian Paisley (an older print).

Flower Shower (an older print).

Making the casing for elastic....

Pin the grippy stuff.

Sew the grippy stuff down the center.

Sew grippy stuff down both sides.

Ready for the elastic.

Using 2 safety pins, one to lead and one to anchor they get threaded through the casing.

Elastic done! Just one final seam to make the circle.

This is how they come packaged. 
This way my daughter doesn't get confused as to which print is which.
I just mailed them to her yesterday so she will have them up on her Etsy page for sale by the weekend. (Hopefully.)
The one called Variety is my favorite. It has 5 different prints. You can change which print is on top of your steering wheel to suit your mood.
Lynn's Etsy page is: HolmansCreations
She painted my awesome Maryland flag shoes that I wore when I took my row by row quilt in to Spring Water Designs.
See the shoes she painted? Cool! She paints, I sew. Happy, happy.
I'm working on another quilt that I bought as a kit. I will post about it later.

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