Monday, December 15, 2014

Clue #3 Grand Illusion quilt

Grand Illusion Clue #3 required cutting strips of black, white and green. This clue used 1 1/3 yd green and Bonnie Hunter said we needed 1 1/2 yd green. So this is the only green clue. 
I did all the cutting first: 
Black --6 strips x width of fabric 
White--18 strips x width of fabric
Green--24 strips x width of fabric

One half of the block was black+green+white+green.

The second half of the block was green+white+green+white.

Here are a bunch of the blocks on the design wall.

To celebrate this clue finish the martini is a "Dirty Turtle".
Drizzle chocolate and sprinkles in martini glass. 
Add equal parts chocolate schnapps, creme liqueur, creme de menthe. Stir...

I just love finishing clues!!!

These are the first, second and third clue parts. 
The first 2 clues were 4" blocks and 2" squares.
The third clue is 3" x 6". 
This change of scale really bothers me. 
As a designer I don't think I ever mix the size or scale of blocks in a quilt. 
But I will blindly follow Bonnie Hunter in this 
See Monday Link Up for other versions of this mystery quilt in progress.


  1. I think the different sizes will add extra interest. Love the scraphappiness of your blocks!

  2. Oh, my, your fabrics look so good together - so bright and cheerful. The scrappiness makes my eyes just wander around your units. I'm so glad to hear that you figured out how much green we had used since I didn't have hardly anything left after cutting all of my units. I still should go out and purchase more greens - just to keep my stash looking great. Don't you think so? Anything to keep our stash really supplied with a variety. I really do like your work.

  3. Oh my the 'dirty turtle' sounds delicious. Love all your colors together. Many more weeks ahead of us, wonder what will be next :)

  4. You had me at Dirty Turtle. ;) Love all the happy, bright colors! Your neutrals are fabulous!!

  5. looking good, What a nice selection you have for your neutrals and greens, cant wait to see it all come together. It should be interesting for sure.

  6. Wow! Those are lively neutrals! Your fabric selections are great! I used shorter strips and had to keep cutting.

  7. What happy fabrics! Wish I had these in my stash~Skol!

  8. Your fabrics are so colorful! Mine look a little dull compared to yours. I have absolutely no idea where this is going, that's part of the fun.

  9. You nailed it on the colors! Looking good.

  10. Still love your fun fabrics and the drink at the end!

  11. those fabric choices are so vibrant. Well done on the finish and celebratory beverage.

  12. Interesting observation about the amount of green we've used.

    Your units look great, but for now we are all puzzled about the change of scale.