Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter is at it again with another super fun mystery quilt. Clues for Grand Illusion are posted on her Quiltville blog. She posted clue #1 the Friday after Thanksgiving. Quilters post progress photos on the Facebook group Quiltville's Open Studio. One group of ladies in NJ got together to cut and sew clue #1 and they also had chocolate martinis. Yum!

I want to be part of the chocolate martini group so when I finished clue #1,  I celebrated with a chocolate martini. :) Those piles are 100 broken dishes blocks and 80 HST blocks.

Clue #2 was posted Friday Dec 5.
Make 200 of this unit!

These are my fun neutrals. (Plus I added some frogs.)

These are the pinks I used for this step.

Fun blacks. See the cats, dogs and Halloween prints? Fun.
Time to start sewing all these together....

But Loralai and Sasha want to come in my sewing room. 
Or they want me to come out and play.......

Assembly line sewing. Fun, fun, fun.

These are really fun and pretty.

This little thread catcher was perfect to catch all the tiny corners I clipped off. 
This is a free tutorial: Little Hanging Basket on the Jennifer Jangles blog.

Yay I'm done with clue #2. To celebrate this clue I made a "Grand Illusion Martini".
I just invented this one and it's quite delicious! The "recipe" is below:

Drizzle chocolate around the top of a martini glass and add sprinkles--they will stick to the chocolate. Then add 1 oz each dark Creme de Cacao (chocolate schnapps), Buttershots (butterscotch schnapps) and Rum Chata. Stir with your finger and enjoy!
Next clue is due Friday Dec. 12.....
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  1. Your quilt it going to be so festive! I only had one colorful black print, so opted not to use it. Sure wish I had more. I don't have any of the martini ingredients either. Of course my part 2 isn't done either. I can't wait to see your quilt finished. I know I am going to love it!

    1. I learned about fun neutrals from Bonnie Hunter. She was making stripy blocks all from neutrals and they were gorgeous!!! I never thought of neutrals as plain again. Adding unexpected prints into a quilt gives it some POP.

  2. I love "stir with your finger!"

  3. I have written down the recipe and I am looking forward to joining you! Awesome idea. Finger ready!

  4. Your fabrics are such fun prints, your blocks make me smile. I've never heard of a chocolate martini before. I don't have the ingredients for your Grand Illusion martini, but it looks like fun, too!

  5. I love your fun fabrics and love the chocolate martini idea, we might need half a dozen martinis when we get this baby done! :)

  6. You are so talented! And I don't know how you found me but I'm SO very glad you did! I fell in love with that little quilt years ago and never knew how to find the pattern. It is adorable! I don't quilt....but maybe I'll have to learn! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and solving a mystery for me! Happy holidays, Diane

  7. I Love your festive fabrics! how fun....I could have used one or two of those martini's on Clue #2!!