Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bathrobe block 36--Out On A String

OK now this challenge is getting to be a challenge! Remember how I said I don't care for triangles? Well bias edges take a close second! This block was tough!!

The star points are pieced on a foundation paper cut from a telephone book. 
My first problem was that I didn't have the same ruler the directions called for.
My diamond ruler had markings and numbers so I used the #3 and cut my foundation papers.
All was peachy keen until I made the corner units. Too small for my diamonds!!
(The finished block should be 10.25" but mine is 12".)
Somehow my diamonds are too big so I had to figure out what size the corner squares were.
Once I got the corners figured out I needed the side triangles. Got that too.
So I carefully pieced the whole block being very careful not to stretch the diamonds.....

Look at the center lift I've got going! 
I could hide a spool of thread under this block.
It's not supposed to do that.

My solution for now was to get it wet and press it flat.....

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