Friday, April 4, 2014

Blocks 20 to 24--Happy Scrappy Houses, Hexagon Pincushion, Hidden Spools, Hidden Pinwheels, I Spy a 4 Patch

Here are another 5 blocks--alphabetically-- Happy Scrappy Houses thru I Spy a Four Patch.

This house block was easy to do but I'm not pleased with how it turned out. 
I wanted a vine covered house but it just looks lost. Maybe if I had chosen a solid yellow for the window and a plain door it might have worked.

This block was different because it involved hand sewing--not my favorite.
I drafted the hexagon papers needed and proceeded as directed. 
I watched Survivor on the DVR while I did the hand sewing.

I read through the directions a few times for this block. Near the end Bonnie Hunter mentions that she would like to try the block in a smaller size and the pattern could be done in 2 colors like red and white. I already had some 1 1/2" strips cut in red and white so this is what it looks like in red/white in the smaller size mentioned. I like the blocks but with all the bias edges I chose to put a simple border around it now so it doesn't get ruined with handling before I set it into the quilt.

I don't think I'd ever want to make a whole quilt out of this pattern because the entire outer edge is bias--and stretchy. I put a border around this block right away so it won't get distorted with handling.
I did have fun adding silly fabrics--see Tigger? a jack-o-lantern? the card army from Alice In Wonderland? baseballs? ants? I don't get the hidden pinwheels because I didn't want to make that many blocks.

This block is simple and fun. I pulled out my bag of letter fabrics for the four patches and the larger patches too. I spy the words UP and HI.

So my Bathrobe Box has at least 24 blocks in it. In many cases I've made more than one block. There are at least 62 blocks listed under the Free Patterns tab on the Quiltville blog. I'm going through them, in order, as they are listed.

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