Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vacation Project

I'm taking a break from Bonnie's Free Pattern blocks on Quiltville while I'm in NC searching for a new sewing room to call home......  But I did bring a project to work on.

This will kinda be like the Scrappy Trips block but I am using rectangles instead of the traditional squares. The finished rectangles are 1" x 2". These are what I call the UP Hill blocks.

These are my Down Hill blocks. If you use squares you don't have to worry about up and down because they can be rotated sideways. All these blocks will have the black diagonal thru the center and then white 2 rows over. 

Sasha is tired from a long walk around the golf course in the heat. 
She was an excellent traveller driving down here. 
We were in bumper to bumper traffic from DC to Fredericksburg, VA. 

We left after school at 2:22 and didn't arrive until 10:45! 
It's usually 5 1/2 hours driving plus a 1/2 hr eating stop.
We stopped for dinner at 6:26 BEFORE we even got to Richmond!! UGH
But it's SO beautiful here! Sunny and hot--just how I like it. Smile...

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