Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bathrobe blocks 25, 26, 27--Jared Takes a Wife, Little Monkey, Kiss In The Corner

These blocks were an interesting mix. Jared Takes a Wife was super simple because I had already made 13 of them for my Batiks Rule quilt. The Little Monkeys were easy and adorable but I pondered over how much Kiss In the Corner I needed to make for the pattern to emerge.

This block was fast because I knew how to do it and I had leftover pieces from the Batiks Rule quilt.

Batiks Rule! Waiting to be quilted. 

These blocks are really simple and fun. Bonnie Hunter says on her blog to just use any fabrics and not try to match colors. It does make block building easier and so much more pleasing than planned. You might get interesting things like the spin on the 3rd block because of the stripe fabric. 

This is one "block" that is the beginning of Kiss In the Corner. The "Kiss" appears because of the sashing. I made four blocks and sashing to go around it.

See how there is a spinning "friendship star" in the center of the quilt sample?
That (I think) is the Kiss. It's not exactly a Friendship Star because the dark triangle is smaller than usual but that is what makes it a Kiss instead of a Star. (I guess.) 

This is getting easier to make the variety of blocks as I go because I have so many leftover pieces from previous blocks. Many of the neutral squares above were cut for the Dancing Nine Patch block.

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