Friday, April 25, 2014

Bathrobe blocks 31, 32--My Blue Heaven, Nine Patch Split

Back from spring break where we visited family and toured some houses, did a little sewing and a lot of dog walking. Sasha was a terrific traveller. She didn't whine once on the long car ride. That's more than I can say for the humans in the car, myself included.

These are the two blocks that comprise the "My Blue Heaven" quilt. I did my blocks in blues also because it just wouldn't be right if my blocks were Red or Green when the pattern is Blue!

This nine patch block is half darks and half lights. I only made one of these blocks but I might do a few more to get the feel of the pattern when they are put together.

This is the pretty braided border for the Nine Patch Split block. The directions for this are on the lower section of the page. It is really easy to piece but it gets a bit unwieldy when it gets long so I rolled it up and pinned it to keep it from flopping around. This would make a nice lower bathrobe border. I didn't trim off the excess because I might make it longer once I determine where it will go.

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