Monday, April 7, 2014

Bathrobe blocks 28, 29, 30--Lozenges, Maverick Stars, Millenium Pyramids

This years Leader & Ender challenge block is Lozenges. As I was cutting plaids for another quilt I cut a bunch of rectangles for this block. This is a preview of what my quilt would look like.

I used precut 2" squares of civil war fabrics for the corners. I wasn't sure what type corner fabrics would go well with all the plaids but the civil war fabrics have a masculine feel as do the plaids. I picked 4 of the "happiest" plaids for this sample because it will be part of the Bathrobe project.

This block is really cute. I like the wonkiness of it. The final suggestion for the block is to put your square ruler over the block at an angle and trim. I chose not to (at this time) because I didn't want the edges to be biased. Notice the civil war fabrics in this block? That's because I still had them out when I started this block. All the star points came out of my "trash scraps" bin.

Besides Death and Taxes there are 2 more certainties in my life--I love palm trees and I hate triangles.
I guess triangles have their uses like making star points but to just cut triangles upon triangles with all those bias edges...yuck. But I gave it a go and here are some pyramids. Not a millennium worth but a few. See my pyramid climber?

This is my millennium quilt. I used 2,000 SQUARES and NO triangles!
It looks like I put a nine patch border around the outside but that would make an odd number, not 2,000 even. So look closely at the center rows. Horizontally at the center there is a row of 2 instead of 3 and vertically thru the center there is row of 4. It's set 40 x 50 to equal 2,000. This was a fun challenge to arrange 2000 squares into a pattern. Looking at this quilt now I can tell you I've added a LOT more yellow to my stash. I started quilting in 1991 (right before my son Christopher was born) and made this quilt in late 1999, so I only had 8 years of fabric. Chris is now 22! And my stash has grown too. Back then I had to ask friends for help in getting to 2000. Now... easy!!

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