Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Love Project--Last row

These are special things that are going into the last row somewhere.
These are not ALL that will go in because I change things right at the sewing faze.

This is the lower corner. The border pieces are cut 1" x 1 1/2" and the corner square is 1 1/2".

Rolling along, here is the middle part.

Yay! Last part is ready to be sewn.
See those squares that have a red border around them? The red part is in the seam allowance and will not be visible when all the seams are done.

See how those red rimmed squares now only have the top and bottom red showing?
Once the horizontal seams are sewn they will disappear and you'll have to look closely to find those special squares. Hidden!

Recap: Cross stitch pattern by Tiny Modernist. It is a free pattern (for Valentines Day) from her Facebook page.
Blown up and pieced in 4 sections using 1" squares of fabric.
All the vertical seams are done and the rows of squares are being held together by chain piecing.
Next I will sew all the horizontal rows.
EVERY vertical seam was trimmed to 1/8"!

Here is my pile of trimmings!

And here is another fun quilt made of 1/2" squares.
My quilt is called "Barton Beach" because it is an interpretation of a Steve Barton painting that hangs over our couch. This painting is called "Living In Paradise". We own the original but he still sells prints of it. I love the little pink house on the island. Doesn't it look like you could swim out there?

My quilt has the words BARTON BEACH in letters on the island beach.
It has fish in the water, starfish too.
Raggedy Ann & Andy are looking out of the windows of the house.
There is a pirate, a compass, an X marking the buried treasure.
Sun is shining down lighting up the scene with some metallic fabrics.
There are some dogs, bugs and more fun things.
I sent this to Steve as a thank you for hosting us at dinner in his house in California.
It was fascinating seeing his studio and he even painted for us--he is a leftie!

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