Monday, April 13, 2015

The Love Project--top done

I'm finishing the last 2 sections by sewing the horizontal seams. 
I sew every other seam the same direction then turn the section around and sew the rest in the opposite direction.

When the seam allowances are hidden the remaining squares are what I wanted to show.

This is the 3rd section done.

This is all the horizontal seams done except ONE!

Notice in this close up that all those red areas in the seam allowances are now hidden.

So Ta-Da. Quilt top is done!
The quilt top measures about 21" x 36".

This is the original cross stitch design by Tiny Modernist.
This was on the Tiny Modernist's Facebook site as a free Valentine's Day pattern.

Here are all my trimmed seams. I can stuff these into a clear Christmas ornament. :)

And here is another fun 1/2" square quilt project I did.
These are from a 2013 calendar I made for family and friends.
January--Find 5 SMILES. Plus the #5 and the Maryland Terrapin face.

February--Find 5 LADYBUGS. Plus #5 and the Terp face.

March--Find 5 DRAGONFLIES. Plus #5 and the Terp face.

Earl and Katie's quilt has the Terp face in it too. 
They met and fell in love at the University of Maryland. :)

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  1. Well done on your completed project - I've loved reading your daily postings and watching it all finally come together :)