Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Love Project--Row 3 done

This weekend was a good sewing weekend. I arranged and sewed all 3 sections of ROW 3.

This is the first section of ROW 3 ready to be sewn.

My messy worktable holds all the little "paint" squares of fabric.

Section 2 of ROW 3 ready to sew.

Section 3 of ROW 3 ready to sew.

The horizontal seams have NOT been sewn on this section yet.
This quilt is for Earl and Katie.

They will be getting married 7-25-2015.

ROW 3 is done!

This is the 3 rows laid out together so far.
It will be HALF this tall because of the horizontal seam allowances.
One last row to do.

Here is another example of a quilt using 1/2" squares of fabric.
This quilt is all fussy cut except the background. 
It was made for the silent auction at my quilt guild's quilt show.
I don't know who owns it now but I hope it has a happy home.

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  1. I've loved reading about your progress on this mini mini quilt - wow :)